Grow Your Own Mushrooms at Home

If you are someone who has always liked mushrooms, mushroom growing is a great way to make sure that you and your family have a regular supply of this excellent food.

Basket of Mushrooms

Many people think that growing mushrooms takes some special kind of skill, or at least extremely specialized growing conditions. But this is absolutely not true. In reality, many mushrooms are as easy to grow as anything else, and can be a good deal easier to grow than many kinds of food.

Less Care

They often need less care and require growing conditions that potentially allow even a person in a city to grow them. Did you know, for example, that mushrooms can be grown in your own apartment? I know of city residents who have grown mushrooms in a box in their homes. Of course, if you live in the countryside you have the option of growing mushrooms on a far larger scale, simply because you have so much more space available. But even if you live in the city, and have only a garden shed, you can grow mushrooms in it.

Growing Mushrooms

All you need to grow mushrooms is some growth medium and some mushroom spores, or spawn, as they are also called. Yes, that’s all that it takes to grow mushrooms. Now, while mushrooms may not take too much space, and may not require too much care, the conditions you provide them with can be all important.

Growing Conditions

Mushrooms do not like light, so make sure you keep light away from them. If you’re growing them inside your house, you can grow them in a closed box that will keep the light out, and the temperature inside the box stable. If you are growing them in a shed or in your green house, you will need to ensure that there is a very minimum of light falling on them, and also that you exclude drafts.

You will also need to maintain a stable temperature range, because mushrooms are very susceptible to changes in temperature. If you do not maintain a stable temperature range, and it varies beyond around fifty to sixty degrees on the Fahrenheit scale, your mushrooms will be in trouble.

Cooking Mushrooms

On the other hand that’s all that it really takes to grow mushrooms. You just need spawn and the growing medium. Place the spawn in the growing medium and place it in a dark, moist place. Water it regularly every day, and pretty soon your mushrooms will be ready for harvest. There really isn’t all that much to mushroom growing.

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